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Farm, Industry & Community Safe
3DTaware (excellence in perimeter based security and surveillance)

Target Markets: Farms, Wildlife Reserves, Border Checkpoints, Gated Estates, Mines, Power Plants, Prisons,  Data Centers, Airports, Dams and Reservoirs.

3DTaware Online Platform integrates seemlessly into a variety of perimeter based radar systems  allowing for:
  • users to identify intrudor time to target, 
  • dispatch and management of 1st line responders, 
  • identify 1st line respnder locations,  
  • create unlimited target geofences (radial, polygon and line), 
  • automated notification of intruders and "blacklisted" devices. 
  • The system can also operate over users’ own wireless networks, which is an economical choice not offered by most surveillance solutions.

The 3DTaware products may require that you you sign and End User Certificate, stating that the land or property does belong to you.

In addition to the 3DTaware Platform, various perimeter based radar systems can be purchased through 3DT.

To order or discuss 3DTaware or any of the Farm, Industry and Community Safe products and/or services, please email with your contact details and interest.

Dispatch & Delivery Safe
Dispatch Manager falls under the 3DT Dispatch and Delivery Safe platform. (to see presentations and brochures see pdf buttons below)

Dispatch Manager is an enterprise tracking ticketing system that allows companies to assign tickets/jobs to their field service personnel (‘Agent’), example: a delivery driver, and track in real time each Agent’s location with respect to the tickets final destination. The system also engages with the Client/Customer automatically, advising the Client/Customer in real time: 
• the location of the Agent,  
• the expected time of arrival,  
• the job or ticket number,  
• the description of the agent, 
• any modification to the ticket (including destination, incidents, and ticket status) 

 The Client/Customer is not required to download or install any application on any device at any point in time. 

To order or discuss 3DT Dispatch, please email with your contact details and interest.
i-Saw is a cloud platform that allows for a wide variety of incidents (Traffic/Crime/Weather/Natural Disasters) to be both reported into and viewed by all.  (to see presentations and brochures see pdf buttons below)
  • All incidents reported into the platform by the public are 100% anonymous. 
  • Key information that is accompanied with an incident include: 
    • Date and time of the incident 
    • Location of the incident Type of incident Description/Notes associated with the incident Photo or documents of the incident

Public objective:
  • The public no matter their location can be made aware of their surroundings, and/or the loved ones/assets surroundings even if they are no where near that location. 
  • Public can report in anonymously a variety of “incidents” from their phone, to a cloud server. Public can see reported incidents based upon: Country, Province, City, Street Address and Postal Code Incident type Date and time of reported or updated incident.

Notification of incidents:
Automated PUSH Notification service to the users phone, that allows the user to select what Incidents they want to be notified of based upon:
  • A predefined fixed location (example home), 
  • PLUS A pre-defined radius/distance of the isers current location even if they are travelling, or Country, Province, City and Postal Code, or Incident type.
To get your FREE copy of i-Saw please email with your contact details and interest.
  • Ever wanted to know if your child got to and from school safely, or needed to know their location over the weekend? 
  • How about, are my parents okay and where are they? 
  • Or maybe, what was the last known location of my child or parent? 

The 3DTtrack is the answer.

Now be automatically updated (with an SMS - which you do not pay for), at whatever frequency you want, (every day, week days only, weekends during any times of the day and as many times), without having to install a thing on their phone or your phone. AND you can monitor as many phones as you want, from multiple cell phone providers, all at once, all in the same place. 

The 3DTtrack Platform enables Parents, Caregivers and Companies to automatically monitor the location of their loved-ones or employees. You now do not need to be concerned where your loved ones or employees are, no matter the time of day or night. Even if you are away travelling locally or internationally, you will always be informed of their location. 

Perfect For: 
  • The Parent who wants to know where their children are during certain times of the day/evening and/or weekend. 
  • Child looking after their elderly parent(s). 
  • Caregiver looking after the elderly and/or challenged individual. 
  • Companies wanting to ensure field staff are where they are supposed to be during working hours (staff approval must be given).
3DTtrack complies with all privacy laws, and does require when setting up that you have the phone in your physical possession and that you have legal rights to monitor the location of such device.

Currently 3DTtrack is restricted to South Africa.

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